What’s With This #MMT Garbage? (Amagi Podcast @Think_Liberty, Ep.29)

Nima and Dylan discuss more FEE MMT criticisms.


Modern Monetary Theory: Debunking the Latest Incarnation of Government’s Magic Money Tree (https://fee.org/articles/modern-monetary-theory-debunking-the-latest-incarnation-of-government-s-magic-money-tree/)

Modern Monetary Theory and the Unspoken Effects of Inflation (https://fee.org/articles/modern-monetary-theory-and-the-unspoken-effects-of-inflation/)

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How (Not) To Criticize Modern Monetary Theory (#MMT) (Amagi Podcast @Think_Liberty, Ep.26)

Dylan and Nima discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of MMT criticisms.


Modern Monetary Theory Is Not Grounded in Economic Reality (https://fee.org/articles/modern-monetary-theory-is-not-grounded-in-economic-reality/?utm_source=zapier&utm&fbclid=IwAR28O2F6e4YZJzalUuDIDzXGwnohF8nkELcT-l0SkCQShBD07SeWFKN9_y8)

U6 Unemployment Rate (https://www.macrotrends.net/1377/u6-unemployment-rate)

MMT’s True Colors Appear (https://www.pragcap.com/mmts-true-colors-appear/)

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How Private Is The “Private” Banking System? (Amagi Podcast @Think_Liberty, Ep.25)

Dylan and Nima discuss how the private banking system actually works, and how private it actually is.

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Why Minsky Matters, Part 4 (Amagi Podcast @ Think Liberty, Ep.24)

Episode 24, Nima and Dylan get back to finishing up going over the book on Why Minsky Matters.


Why Minsky Matters by L. Randall Wray (press.princeton.edu/titles/10575.html)

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#WTFAustrians (Amagi Podcast @ Think Liberty, Ep.23)

On this episode, Dylan and Nima go over some arguments from the Austrian school economists, and discuss what they think is good, and bad about Austrian economics.

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