Corbett Report: The Abnormalization of Dissent

James Corbett explains how mainstream media is currently trying to discredit dissent without arguments:


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Trump’s Popularity Surges to New Records; MSM Spin Fails Spectacularly

The Huffington post today admitted a few things that are worth highlighting:

OPINIONS OF TRUMP IMPROVE – From a GW Battleground poll released Tuesday morning: “Donald Trump’s public image has notably improved since winning the presidency in November, according to the latest George Washington University Battleground Poll. Of the voters surveyed, 45 percent had a favorable opinion of the president-elect, while 49 percent viewed him negatively. This represents a large swing from the last edition of the GW Battleground Poll in mid-October, when only 36 percent rated favorably and 61 percent were unfavorable….

New York is also feeling the love:

NEW YORKERS ARE ALSO WARMING UP TO TRUMP – Nick Bayer: “President-elect Donald Trump has become more popular among New York voters since his stunning win on election night, according to a Siena College poll released Monday. Forty-one percent of voters in the state now hold a favorable opinion of the president-elect ― the highest ever favorable rating in any Siena poll of New York. Trump’s favorable rating is 7 points higher now than it was when the college conducted its last poll just before Election Day. Likewise, his unfavorable rating has dropped by 10 percent in the same period, from 63 to 53 percent.Trump lost the largely Democratic state to rival Hillary Clinton by a margin of 37 percent to 58 percent.”

This is absolutely devastating news for any MSM editor who thought continuing false narratives and manipulating its readership like they are gullible & stupid children would be an intelligent strategy.

My hope is that bit by bit, the few remaining who are capable among journalists & the left will heed the sentiment I echoed the day after the election, and embark upon a decades long project of rebuilding what they’ve wrecked so irresponsibly:

Dear disappointed Americans,

Now may not be the time to continue regurgitating the lies & smears that a failing and…

Posted by EconomicsJunkie on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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