Soliders … Paid Murderers in Green Costumes

The greatest crimes are not performed by petty criminals, thieves or even killers. We need not worry about the people whom everyone knows to be bad. We don’t need to fear them at all. Society is perfectly capable of dealing with such exceptions.

What we do need to fear is the moral concepts in people’s minds that make them not only justify but even cheer on and encourage invading other people’s regions to perform mass murder, if only it is performed by laughing and mindless killers in green costumes, from a safe distance, and against men and children who have done them no harm.

The civilian death toll in Iraq is estimated to be around 1 million. That is about 200,000 times the number of civilian people murdered in the clip above. Imagine witnessing more incidents such as the one in the video. Imagine watching about 60 per day, every single day, 8 years straight, and you would still not have seen all of the cruelties perpetrated in this mindless and cruel invasion perpetrated by the US government.

War is a racket that will continue for as long as people cling on to the mad fantasy that is the government.

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