The Global Warming Religion

The recently leaked CRU emails expose a web of inconsistencies, manipulations, lies, and disregard for ethical scientific approach. But let’s take all of that aside. Let’s say I am jumping to conclusions. At the very least any inquiring mind would conclude that some of these emails expose some content that may be shedding a slightly different light on a lot of the procedures and calculations that have led to our present day conclusions on climate change.

But what are global warming fanatics across the globe doing instead right now? They are trying to do everything possible to make us believe that these emails are of no significance whatsoever. They are brushing aside the most rampant indicators of manipulation and bias on the part of the research group in question. Heck, they are calling the posts that do nothing but make available the leaked emails “wishful propaganda”. Yes, propaganda. They are going so far as to calling the dissemination of information propaganda! Meanwhile they turn a blind eye to the information leaked.

Again, I am not saying in any way that they should change their minds immediately or jump on these emails. This would be unreasonable to expect. But to refer to someone who publishes uncomfortable information as a propagandist??

This is frantic behavior at its worst. It shows how one loses his objectiveness when a scientific hypothesis turns in to a political idea and then turns into an outright religion. It is very much comparable to the lunatics who would have us believe that the first two humans on earth conversed with a snake, that the earth is 6000 years old, and that a guy named Jesus was born by a virgin, defying all reasonable proof against it while not expecting ANY proof in support of it.

The common link is the belief that if a part of your religion is proven to be wrong, for some mystical reason all the good teachings and ideas that could be derived from it become invalid as well. But there is no problem at all in acknowledging that a part of ones ideology has been a fairytale. It is, in fact, the very precondition of scientific discourse to continue questioning your ideas, hold them up against the unswerving light of reason, discard of false ideas, and refine correct ones.

But we see what happens when a human mind no longer precipitates a cause, but instead the cause controls the human mind and morphs into a crusade.

That being said, here are some more interesting insights from Dr Tim Ball on Watts Up With That:

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