Total US Credit & Loans – February 2010


The total volume of private credit and loans in the US has dropped to now $15,474 billion. It has fallen by now $1,468 billion since the peak in October 2008.


The annual rate of decline remains at 6.2%.

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Total US Credit & Loans – January 2010


Total credit and loans are, after a brief bump over the past two months, continuing their unstoppable contraction. Since October 2008 they have contracted by $1.3 trillion to now $15.6 trillion.

Deflation is still the name of the game, no matter how much the Fed and the government try to reflate the bubble.

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Total US Credit & Loans; Down $1.2 Trillion From Peak; Annual Decline Now at 7.2 Percent

Total credit and loans have now contracted by $1,218 billion (source


The annual rate of decline has now reached 7.2%:


This is still deflation in full swing. It is an ongoing credit contraction of record proportions and it is now more rampant than ever during the financial crisis.

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Total Credit & Loan Contraction Reaches $1.1 Trillion Since Peak; Volume Down 5.9% From 1 Year Ago

Total credit and loan volume in the US is now contracting at a record pace and by record levels, more than at any time since the beginning of the credit crisis, and possibly even more than ever before in US history (source

Total credit and loan volume:


Total credit and loan – annual growth:


This is a rapid and seemingly bottomless contraction at this point. Considering that market behavior and attitudes are currently are currently suggesting the exact opposite, something is bound to blow up right in our faces somewhere and at some point sooner or later.

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Total Credit and Loan Contraction Reaches $1 trillion; Volume Down 2.3% From 1 Year Ago

Total credit and loans have now contracted by $1 trillion since their peak in October 2008:


Total credit and loans have now contracted by 2.3% fro 1 year ago:


Credit and loans are contracting across the board. Year on year declines now appear to accelerate into extreme and unprecedented territories. These are not numbers from a recovering country, these are numbers from meltdownland.

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