VIDEO: Saudi History; US Meddling & War Lies; Syria & The Refugee Crisis

I put together a collection of videos for the patient viewer. It provides some background information on the current situation in the middle east, with focus on Syria in particular.

The first clip explains how Saudi Arabia was created with the help of notoriously radical Wahhabist groups who still control much of the moral and social fabric of the country, and how the US got involved due to oil riches.

Then we listen to former CIA operative John Stockwell who delves into the history of US covert operations, he explains among other things how the US has had a history of migrating dangerous US funded radicals into the US after failed operations.

Then we take a look back at how deliberate and calculated media lies drummed up support for US meddling in the Kuwaiti/Iraqi border conflict.

Then we look at a more recent example of such media lies, with the objective of building sufficient support for US aggression against Iraq in 2003.

Then we look at yet more recent examples of embarrassing and exposed media lies and spin designed to gain support for the same regime change policy that plunged Iraq into chaos, made it a safe haven for terrorists, and resulted in the deaths of roughly 1.4 million Iraqi civilians, but this time the lucky beneficiary of democratization a la ‘Murica was of course Syria.

This is followed by a 2012 Congressional Speech speech by Ron Paul, calling out the lies & deception designed to drum up support for regime change in Syria.

Then we look at independent Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett speaking about her experiences in Syria. She exposes how the western mainstream media is lying to the public about the war in Syria, the Syrian army, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, and Russia.

Then we look at a Newsbud roundtable discussion called “The Generators, Agent Provocateurs & Opportunists of the Refugee Crisis”.

Finally, we get independent journalist Kurt Nimmo’s excellent & concise summary of the current situation in Syria and how we got here.

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