The Illusion of the State

Statist Ideas

Since the state is not actually a thing that exists, it is a very accurate observation to define the state as an idea in someone’s (a statist’s) mind.

This idea that a group should be given the permission to aggress and steal rests on a very low, unconscious or subconscious level.

On top of this the statist layers simple euphemistic soundbites and bromides that have been studiously and relentlessly pounded into his head by other statists from childhood on.

He doesn’t reason or think much about the actual meaning behind these soundbites, because he was never reasoned into them to begin with.

Thus Political discussions between different brands of statists who tell themselves that their partisan philosophies fundamentally differ from one another, are usually limited to a back and forth of producing said soundbites in reaction to stimuli, much like primates facing off in a cage, only that the human vocal organs allow for a bit more variety in the audible output and its tone.

The statist rarely ever manages to break through to and acknowledge the lowest layer at the root of all of it, namely the sanction of large scale organized crime. For to recognize it fully, means to abandon the false fantasy of the state altogether.

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