The State and Childhood Memories

The lofty fantasy of the State arises in the minds of most people out of childhood memories:

The “Home”land where they feel welcome, safe, and protected; the powerful Father figure embodied in the stern and sublime persona of the President of the country; Lady Justice, the Supreme Court, reviewing and approving of his actions, or rebuking him and his helpers with a wag of the finger when they step out of line; the dinner table of Congress where the children get to voice their demands through altruistic public servants.

What a beautiful, clean, and rational separation of powers we have ourselves there!

Its reality, however, is a lot simpler and a lot less lofty than that: It’s people taking advantage of those deranged fantasies, slipping into the camouflage of all those perfect and imaginary projections, in order to legally extort others at the threat of imprisonment and murder.

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