The Truth About Obamacare, Mandates, and Health Care in the US

As expected, the US Supreme Court today once again honored its job description which is to serve as an enabler and facilitator of the expansion of federal government powers.

Some interesting comments on Obamacare from Freedomain Radio:

Its destructive effects on healthcare aside, those liberals who are now cheering and celebrating the Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare (a law by the way that has been written in large parts by the pharmaceutical industry) conveniently ignore the floodgates that have been opened for other kinds of mandates that conservatives will inevitably shove down their (and unfortunately all our) throats in the future.

And those who are cheering the loudest right now, will be the most vociferous ones crying out in outrage then, because that’s simply the way useful idiots “function” in the world of mob rule, aka “Democracy”.

I’ve said before that under the Affordable Care Act health care will become less and less affordable to Americans. And it has. Premiums have gone up two-,three-fold, maybe even more for some. The inability to charge more for pre-existing conditions simply results in higher charges for everybody, regardless of condition, or in bankrupting insurers (a welcome excuse for the all out nationalization of health insurers at some point?). Meanwhile the root causes of rising health costs have not been addressed at all.

But has that bothered any of the oh so caring and concerned people supporting this law today? Of course not. Why? Because to them it’s not about making health care more affordable, it’s not about actually understanding what the consequences of this law will be; no, it’s about deluding themselves into being on some kind of winning team on some kind of issue, so long as it supports their emotional political inclinations and upsets those with opposing inclination on that same spectrum.

And while the thoughtful among us can lay the groundwork for reasonable fixes to the problems with healthcare in the US, the chaotic herd of dizzy, annoying, loud, patronizing, boring, bigoted, and mindless drones will have to run its stubborn course until the system collapses of its own accord, as I pointed out years ago.

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4 thoughts on “The Truth About Obamacare, Mandates, and Health Care in the US”

  1. How can this be truth when it is so OBVIOUSLY slanted toward an opposing ideal?
    From the text of the actual act that was reviewed by EVERYONE involved –
    “Americans without insurance coverage will be able to choose the insurance coverage that works best for them in a new open, competitive insurance market – the same insurance market that every member of Congress will be required to use for their insurance.”
    Hmmmmmm maybe there is a reason the politicians are not happy about this.

  2. I’m sorry if I’m missing something but it seems to me like you forgot to point out which claim in the video is actually false …

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