This Election Make a Statement – Don’t Vote!

Political action is the deliberate participation in the process of electing people who will join the government, an organization that gives everyone the kind choice of handing over their money or being kidnapped by people in blue costumes, thrown into a prison cell, and getting their property seized.

Whether it be on the federal, state, or on the local level, this is always and everywhere what it comes down to. You can sugar coat it, deny it, play dumb, ignore it, or call it voluntary (in which case the word voluntary has just lost the meaning you usually ascribe to it and you would need to invent a new term for an action you perform without the threat of aggression). You can get aggravated or irritated about the fact that I am telling it in clear unambiguous words. But you can’t change reality.

The government will not work for you. Never in a million years. The government will always work against you while telling you all about how much it cares. It skillfully appeals to people’s narcissism. It will dangle polished carrots of kindly speeches and immediate bribes before your face with one hand, while robbing you and making your future its collateral with the other.

It has always been the same old process, for thousands of years of recorded history. One armed gang starts small by assuming the task of protecting people for coerced protection money, then asserts its monopoly on this protection, assuming more and more monopolies on other activities, receiving investments along with orders from rich and powerful people to be paid back from future loot and contracts, growing larger and larger in the process, all the while keeping the hapless and exploited majority at bay by letting them vote for puppets who are power- AND incentive-less. At some point it is unable to honor the commitments entered into on behalf of the taxpayer, self destructs, and gets replaced by another gang that starts small by assuming the task of protecting people for coerced protection money, then asserts its monopoly on this protection, assuming more and more … oh well, you get the point I would hope :)

A small number of people each individually have a huge marginal interest in the growth of specific programs, while the majority of people who fund this growth, each of them at a marginally small percentage, have very little vested interest in the elimination of particular individual programs. This creates a mismatch in incentives that brings about the inevitable.

When very few people have such asymptotically higher incentives in a single program than the majority, then every single one of them will be fighting tooth and nails and with ferocious tenacity for his money, while everyone out of those in the majority who is, at the threat of imprisonment or violent seizure of property, forced to pay for this particular program has little to no to even negative incentive (time, opportunity cost, etc.) to do something about it.

People who continue to participate in this process, in spite of virtually eternal contrary evidence, and without any specific ideas of how they will change this process by joining it, are genuinely difficult for me to take serious on this particular matter. I was once an avid supporter of political action and I changed my opinion once presented with reasoned logic and empirical evidence.

And still, I would always be open to reasoned arguments. I would be glad to receive new and interesting facts to prove me wrong. On the issue of political action, I have been looking for those in vain.

It’s always been the same old song. “By not participating you are making it WORSE!”, “You’re just being lazy!”, “How can you be so disrespectful of this great system bequeathed to us by our heroic forefathers?!”, “Do you know how many people DIED for your right to vote?!”, “But we have to do SOMETHING!!” … and so on and so on.

These are of course not arguments against the truth content of the facts presented. They are emotional knee jerk reactions that stem from childhood scar tissue.

Yes, we absolutely should “do something”!! And participating in the process of voting is the exact opposite of that. It is, consciously or subconsciously, sanctioning a system that is coercive, brutal, murderous, immoral and ugly to the core.

The proper way of dealing with such immorality and insanity is to abstain from the charade where you can. Don’t try to oppose the gun pointed at your face. Don’t resist the taxation and regulations they are imposing upon you. Comply. Pay these disgusting and filthy leeches off so they get to live their boring, false, and empty lives. At least they’ll leave you alone in your own lives.

Barack Obama will not give you “change”, in fact he has always promised you more of the same. Nor will the Republicans who will win this coming election as I predicted almost two years ago.

The government will not grow or shrink or exist because you voted for it. You voted because there is a government. The government will not grow and wage wars or shrink and get out of wars because you ask it to. The government grows as long as it can borrow from people and tax you. It will shrink once the interest payments on its debt eat up everything else it can still afford and people are too broke to get taxed. And luckily, what I’m saying here is testable. Observe events moving forward and watch what happens. I would gladly stand corrected if objective evidence proves me wrong! :)

The proper way of working toward change is precisely NOT to pretend that you have the ability to voluntarily affect anything in this machinery. The proper way of working toward change is not to condone this apparatus, but is to live with integrity in regards to objective morality and reason, is to be free in your own lives by making sure that at least your own relationships are free of coercion and unchosen obligations, is to live freedom, instead of just talking about it.

It is this that will turn you into a shining beacon of virtue and integrity that can be seen by people near and far, it is this that will count more than a million votes, and it is is this that will bring about true and lasting change that you will always be able to stand behind 100%.

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2 thoughts on “This Election Make a Statement – Don’t Vote!”

  1. Thank you for not voting. By not voting, no one will care what you have to say.

    Meanwhile, me and my friends will encourage people to run, spend our money for their campaigns, and drive hundreds of people to vote for them, ensuring they can take seats of power and our movement as a whole will obtain a majority in our state and federal governments.

    If you ever wake from the insanity of your non-voting, then you can find someone who most closely aligns with your political ideals, support them for office, and try to shift the opinions of those around you towards your way of thinking. Perhaps you will realize, one day, that it doesn’t take a majority to change the government, but a dedicated and effective minority.

  2. Like I said … not a single argument against what I wrote.

    I’ve been there too, before acquiring this knowledge, so I don’t blame you up until this point. But now that you do have the information you are indeed morally liable for the future decisions you make.

    Good luck!

    By the way – Insanity: Doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results. Hmmm … that sounds like something relevant to this post … oh right! VOTING! :)

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