True Heroism Takes Courage

After getting impoverished, brainwashed and/or bullied into the murderous cult that is the military, most people get stuck for the rest of their lives and take their families with them. It takes an incredible amount of courage and self searching to do what this fellow did.

On Memorial Day, I do not salute the paid hitmen in green costumes who are killing other humans overseas right now, just because somebody told them to.

I salute those who have been able to see through all the propagandistic and conformist fog blown their way, those who understand the injustice in what they did and who come forth to speak the truth like this veteran. He is a true hero.

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2 thoughts on “True Heroism Takes Courage”

  1. I am going to make a statement that may not be provably true today but ultimately will be:

    That man in the video is a liar.

    John Kerry, for a long time, pranced about the world talking about ears and necklaces and all kinds of horrible acts—horrible acts which turned out to be completely fictitious and inventions of his own deranged mind. Why John Kerry did this is anybody’s guess, but what no one can guess is that he lied about what he saw and experienced in that country.

  2. You would really need to do better than that. That is, of course, if you are interested in truth, and not in making up stuff to justify murders and irrationality.

    But I know you are not, because you are showing that in knee jerk comments like the above and by doing things like keeping my corrective comments hidden from your own blog.

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