US Health Care in Crisis – Where is the Outrage?

A very informative interview with research scientist Mary Ruwart about the US health care system:

First off, I would like to add one more extremely crucial point to my “Fixing US Health Care Once and for All“: Repealing the Kefauver Harris Amendment from 1962.

It is being estimated that drugs could cost about 80%(!!) less if it weren’t for these burdensome regulations. In addition to that, innovation has been stifled immensely. Most people don’t even begin to realize what a great health system would be possible if our government simply reduced its excessive meddling.

I will go on a rather emotional and political rant now. So if you are not into that kind of stuff, consider yourself warned.

Where is the Outrage?

Anyone who closely examines the facts about US health care, or even just watched the interview above, has to wonder: What is going on? Where is the outrage??

Burdensome and often times outright ridiculous FDA requirements, decrees, and restrictions account for as much as 80% of drug costs! Without those, can you imagine how cheaply you or your friends and dear ones might be able to obtain certain, direly needed, drugs? Where is the outrage?

The supreme court told individuals who were suffering from a terminal disease that they could not obtain drugs in an early FDA stage, even through it was their last hope, even through they themselves were fully aware of the risk they were taking! Where is the outrage?

The lifecycle before a drug can go to market has gone up from 5 to 15 (!!) years. Where else does something like this exist? Who would be willing and able to work on complicated drugs, make all the necessary investments, under such circumstances? Is there any other industry where after over 40 years a process actually takes 3 times longer than it used to?? Wouldn’t we expect the opposite to be the case? Where is the outrage?

The AMA continues to do everything in its powers to limit the number of health practitioners while people are suffering, dying, going bankrupt from medial bills, and seeking treatment in emergency rooms. It does so through its control of the governmental State Medical Boards who have a monopoly on medical licenses. Why is nobody examining this relationship and practice more closely? Where is the outrage?

It is estimated that the loss of innovation in the field of drug and medical research may be linked to as much as 16 million health related deaths! This is a number that dwarfs US deaths from wars any day. Where is the outrage?

Burdensome and complicated government rules and restrictions have led to a health care system in shambles, an unmanageable system that is sooner or later headed for a complete collapse. At this point, one would think that there is absolutely no way the people would let their leaders get away with one more bit of the same. Some mentality of hitting the brakes would be expectable. But what has happened now? House Democrats have introduced a 2000 (!!!) page bill that gives the government more powers to issue decrees, restrictions, and make health care expenditures. It recently passed the house. They are NOT hitting the brakes. If anything, they are accelerating full throttle!

I searched for all important keywords in this bill. “Importation”, “Regulations”, “American Medical Association”, “FDA”. But all I can find is either nothing at all, or the granting of more powers to the very culprits. Is anybody out there looking at this closely? Do people realize what is happening?

What does the media have to say about this? They are talking about petty, uninteresting, and completely irrelevant subjects, such as the “public option“, “death panels”, “free health for immigrants”, and what have you.

The CBO estimates that this bill will cost about $1.2 trillion. Based on that alone, I estimate it will cost about $12 trillion instead. Money that the government simply doesn’t have. Money that you and your grandchildren will be on the hook for for many many years. Where in the world is the outrage??

If this bill ever makes it through the senate, the train towards a completely nationalized, and thus all the more disastrous health care system can no longer be stopped. There really is no easier stance to take for you if you care about your own and your friends’ and family’s health, completely regardless of party affiliation: This bill, or ANY derivative of it, has to fail in the Senate, bar none.

This is not a game. It is not a fun little platform for activism. It is crucial. It is probably one of the most important and far reaching political decisions in decades that is being voted on. It will determine whether we completely abdicate from fixing what is wrong with our system, or whether we are capable of hitting the brakes and changing course.

Call both your Senators, call them every day of the week until they do what is right: Vote Nay!

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