Do Vaccines Work? (Amagi Podcast @ Think Liberty, Ep.20)

According to the CDC vaccines have been found to infect people with polio, SV40 virus (cancer), permanent paralysis, narcolepsy, bowels folding in on themselves, and pig viruses. Nima and Dylan discuss the issue of vaccine safety.

The Vaccine Book, Robert W Sears, MD, FAAP (

Vaccinegate: Initial results on Infanrix Hexa chemical composition (

Historical Vaccine Safety Concerns (

Contaminated haemophilia blood products (

Blood, Money and AIDS: Hemophiliacs Are Split;Liability Cases Bogged Down in Disputes (

Effect of Human Papillomavirus 16/18 L1 Viruslike Particle Vaccine Among Young Women With Preexisting Infection (

VRBPAC Background Document Gardasil™ HPV Quadrivalent Vaccine May 18, 2006 VRBPAC Meeting (


What’s In A Flu Shot (

PBS Vaccine Propaganda for Children (

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