Why Are We At War?

Great statement from an Iraq veteran:

Mish points out:

Why are we at war?
War is profitable, that’s way.
It matters not how many die, as long as the warmongers make a profit on it.

Sorry but I beg to differ: We are NOT at war because it’s profitable. In fact, war is NOT profitable at all. It is the exact opposite. It is a terribly unprofitable venture. It is only profitable for the contractors who are at the cost side of the venture. But you don’t look to the vendors and contractors to determine whether a particular venture is profitable! They are not the “investors” funding the war. The investors are you and me and our children whose tax dollars have been squandered and pledged for the rests of our lives …

We are at war because people still believe in this mad fantasy called government, a false concept through and through. So long as people don’t get this crucial point, they can talk, complain, wag their finger as much as they want … they might as well go along with it. Because their blind contradictory faith in the prime cause of all their misery will only perpetuate that misery.

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