WIKILeaks Update: Anonymous Proves that Julian Assange Has Been Taken By The CIA!

I just watched this clip and it makes some interesting connections to consider:

Is suggests among other things, that:

  • on October 16th 2016 a black ops team broke into the Ecuadorian embassy in London and took Assange
  • his whereabouts are unknown at this point, no credible life signs have been presented
  • several high profile attorneys and other Wikileaks informants and supporters have died over the past year, some under strange circumstances
  • wikileaks has been compromised by the CIA, the newly created Twitter account @WLTaskForce was instrumental in this takeover (I remember wondering at the time what the whole point of creating this new account was!)
  • we can’t trust anything we hear from Wikileaks at this point

Varying degrees of verifiable evidence are presented for the different claims, but attention and research are certainly warranted.

Update: I also just remembered this clip from November 1st 2016, where intelligence insider Dr. Steve Pieczenik announced that the US intelligence community, with Julian Assange’s help, had conducted a silent counter coup against an attempted takeover by a certain domestic political faction tied to the Clintons, among others:

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